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All of us have in recent years experienced erosion of values of our various institutions. People are losing respect, finding them less credible; in fact, it will not be wrong to say, that there is an air of despondency and helplessness that surround the common man. 

However, some professions have not been affected by this malaise as much as others have been. As one of the vital pillars of society, we therefore ought to be conscious of the quote “with great power comes great responsibility”.

It is a reality of our professional life that in many spheres of our day to day functioning most of us strive to maintain a delicate balance between work and ethics. This calls for a long term commitment and persistent effort on our part.  As individuals and responsible citizens, the onus is on our shoulders to ensure that the ideals and standards that go with these professions are scrupulously upheld and maintained. Notwithstanding the fact that, at times, we are repeatedly walking the tight rope and struggling to strove clear off the unclear waters.

Rectification of the current scenario would need persistent efforts from our side. Effective communication between the professionals and the society at all levels of contact would probably be the first step towards rebuilding of the lost trust. But the daunting task of regaining the lost paradise would certainly be impossible without every member of the professional fraternity contributing towards it.

With the objective of arresting any further decline and to regain the lost prestige, we have established a foundation under the name of “Promotion of Ethics and Continuing Education (PEACE)”. The primary objective of this foundation would be to undertake activities that help in generating greater awareness amongst all of us towards the need to be ethical. This is deemed vital for restoration of the faith of our clients. It hardly needs reiteration that the endeavors of the foundation towards rebuilding of the trust would be successful only if all of us in our fraternity follow the ethics that we were made aware of when we donned our gowns to receive our degrees. It is with great expectation that I today extend my hands to all of you to join us in our new initiative.

I look forward to hearing your valuable suggestions for attainment of the objective because by creating an environment in which our clients instead of suspecting our motives have complete and blind faith in us, we will only be helping ourselves, and our profession.

Dr. Varun Bhargava


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